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Whether you’re starting out or scaling to a new level, you’re probably here because you’re ready to meet (and exceed) your most ambitious business goals.

At Webhive Digital, everything we do is designed to skyrocket your organic reach and supercharge your online presence, so that you can position yourself as an industry leader and start seeing success in even the most saturated digital spaces.

We’re here to help you push past the stumbling blocks that are holding you back, position your business for surefire growth, and claim your spot at the top of your industry.

Got a visiblity problem?

You’ve heard having a website and a business blog was the best way to bring in new leads, but so far, your mum is the only one reading.

You don’t get it: every month, you spend hours putting out high-quality content, but you’re still talking to an empty room every time you press ‘publish’.

With a few technical tweaks and a tailored SEO strategy, we’ll make sure your site gets searched and seen by the right crowd… so you can stop relying on costly paid ads to make sales.

Got a conversion problem?

You have a strong social presence but you have trouble transforming that presence into actual £££s in your business.

You’ve got hundreds of plans on the horizon, but your current site doesn’t have any of the functionality you need to execute them.

All of my custom website design projects are strategy backed and tailored to suit your business goals and needs. Don’t worry, we’ll get your website working as your number one sales person in no time!

Meet Your Website Wingwoman

Kate Smoothy

Kate Smoothy

Bringing over a decade of experience, my job is to bottle up the secret sauce that makes your business one of a kind, and turn it into a purposeful website.

It’s my pride and joy to partner with business owners who know they’re on the cusp of something great, and want to skip past the awkward trial-and-error stage and get right to the glow up.

Whatever you choose to call yourself – a small business, entrepreneur or a startup – I’m here to help you build a brand that makes you feel as confident as you are capable.

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