Building Beautiful Brands & Strategic Websites for Driven Women in Business

Building Beautiful Brands & Strategic Websites for Driven Women in Business

Your Brand is About To Get a Serious Glow Up.

Welcome to Webhive Digital, the design studio that puts your growth strategy first. Whether you’re starting out or scaling to a new level, WHD gives you the tools  you need to meet (and exceed) your most ambitious business goals, while making authentic connections with your growing community.

WHD began with a deeply-rooted desire to help women-owned businesses grow. Everything I do is designed to skyrocket your organic reach and supercharge your online presence, so that you can position yourself as an industry leader and start seeing success in even the most saturated of digital spaces.

Get ready to stop settling for small outcomes, and step into a brand new season of business where all of your goals are right within your reach.

Creating Brands That Cultivate Confidence

I’m here to help you push past the stumbling blocks that are holding you back, position yourself for surefire growth, and claim your spot at the top of your industry.

I pride myself on being a problem-solver first, designer second.

Let’s be honest – what’s holding you back from reaching your business goals right now?

Visibility Problem

Let me guess… you heard having a website and a business blog was the best way to bring in new leads, but so far, your mum is the only one reading. You don’t get it: every month, you spend hours putting out high-quality content, but you’re still talking to an empty room every time you press ‘publish’. What gives?

Chances are, Google just hasn’t caught wind of your marketing efforts yet. But with a few technical tweaks and some well-deserved TLC, we’ll make sure your site gets searched and seen by the right crowd… so you can stop relying on costly paid ads to make sales.

DFY SEO Services

Identity Problem

It’s been a while since you launched, and what worked at the start isn’t cutting it anymore. You’ve got a DIY logo and picked a font you like, but if you’re being totally honest, you have no idea how they relate to your business. Every time you post to your social media channels, you can’t help but cringe – and it’s holding you back from showing up.

In our fast-paced, digital-first world, you’ve got seconds to make a good first impression. That’s why it’s so important to treat every touchpoint across your customer journey with care and invest in visual branding that you would gladly buy into.

Branding Design

Conversion Problem

You have a strong social presence and know your way around the ‘gram, but you have trouble transforming your traffic to sales. You’ve got a hundred launch plans on the horizon, but your current site doesn’t have any of the technical capabilities you need to execute them. So you keep on stalling, even though you know your impact (and income) is taking a hit.

The good news is, gone are the days of having to choose between pretty and functional website designs. You get to have both with a custom-made (and aesthetic AF) WordPress site that’s built in sync with your goals.

Website Design

Making Moves the WHD Way

Take a peek at my guiding principles…

→ Prioritise function over flashy features

→ Guide Clients and customers on a journey

→ When in doubt: Keep it simple

→ Purposeful Brands perform better

→ Collaboration over competition, always.

Meet Your Designer

Kate Smoothy


Bringing over a decade of experience in design, website development, user experience and digital marketing to the table, my job is to bottle up the secret sauce that makes your business one of a kind, and turn it into purposeful branding and powerful websites that grow along with you.

Since leaving my corporate web design job behind and starting Webhive Digital in 2020, I’ve joined forces with more than 50 small businesses going through a rapid growth spurt. It’s my pride and joy to partner with ambitious female founders just like you who know they’re on the cusp of something great, and want to skip past the awkward trial-and-error stage and get right to the glow up. 

Whatever you choose to call yourself – a small business owner, entrepreneur or startup founder – I’m here to help you build a brand that makes you feel as confident as you are capable.

Access Branding and Web Design Pricing

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WHD’S Got Range

Take a look at my recent work…

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Want to Learn SEO At Your Own Pace?


Feel a tech headache coming on at the sheer thought of SEO? Lucky for you, I’ve got the cure! The SEO Hive is my signature self-paced SEO course for small business owners and content creators who want to master the fundamentals of search engine optimisation and make their website a magnet for new clients and customers — and all for a fraction of the price of outsourcing your SEO to an expert (like me).

From keyword research to technical optimisation tips, I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned about SEO, and share the exact success tips and strategies that have helped me and my clients generate thousands of warm leads thanks to the power of search. After all, it’s about time Google started paying attention to your quality content, right?

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