5 Best Instagram Reels Ideas For Business

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If you’re following me on Instagram then you’ll know that I have been all over Instagram Reels to promote my business.

I’ve noticed a huge increase in followers, engagement and leads since I started posting Reels, so I thought I’d put together these Instagram Reels ideas to help you promote your business with the new feature.

Trust me, you’re going to love the results!

5 Best Instagram Reels Ideas for Business

My 5 Favourite Instagram Reels Ideas For Driving Business

Instagram Reels is literally my new favourite thing. It came exploding on to the platform a few weeks ago and I jumped on it immediately to see what introducing Reels could do for my Instagram strategy.

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll have seen the positive engagement I’ve seen from promoting my business this way and maybe you’re wondering how to do the same for your business.

There’s hundreds of different ways you can use Instagram Reels for your business growth but
here are some of my favourite Instagram Reels Ideas to get you started!

3 steps to…

Instagram Reels are only 15 seconds long so you need to think short and sweet when planning your video. Two of my most popular Reels are 3 Things You MUST Include On Your Website’s Homepage and My 3 Fave + FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO.

I believe these Instagram Reels worked so well because they’re bitesized pieces of content that are easy to consume and memorable. They’re not too overwhelming whilst still providing enough value to make people want to follow me and learn more about what I do.

The best part about the website homepage Reel is that I just repurposed a blog post I’d already written, 5 Things You Must Include On Your Website’s Homepage, so it took hardly any time to put together. All I had to do was cherry pick 3 of my favourites and film it!

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How to…

How to guides always work well on social media because they’re providing content with value for your followers. And it’s no exception with Reels.

I like using “How to…” style Reels when I’ve got more than 3 points to cover but I use a maximum of 5 points. I do this because with only 15 seconds to film your Reel, you need to allow each point enough time on the screen to be read.

As with “3 tips to…” these Instagram Reels tend to work well because they’re easy to consume and people feel like they’ve immediately learned something from watching your Reel. And they’re going to want more of that!

It’s really easy to repurpose blog posts this way too and they take hardly any time to film if you are using a different clip for each point. Have a play around with transitions to see if you can make these look next level good!

The biggest mistake…

Everyone wants to make sure they’re doing it right in business, so highlighting mistakes causes intrigue as people want to make sure they’re not making them!

Choosing a juicy topic and common mistake is a great way to get your Reels noticed and provide more value for your audience.

This is also great for engagement when people are in agreement with the mistake you’re posting as they’re more likely to share your Reel to their followers. Basically, it’s a win-win!

The best *insert industry relevant tool here* for…

Sharing industry tools is one of my favourite ways to build trust with my audience. It shows that I know a thing or two about what I’m doing and hopefully I’ll introduce them to a new tool for their business in the process.

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The benefit of an Instagram Reel in this style is that you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to as it can easily be communicated with screen recordings.

Here’s another from my bank of Instagram Reels ideas: You can also use this style of filming to share “the best ways to…” and film yourself in action rather than just your face.

Why I hate…

The controversial one from these Instagram Reels ideas! My most watched Instagram Reel to date is Why I hate Wix because a lot of people use Wix for their business websites.

I would say I’m not knocking Wix, but I am, I really dislike it as a platform which is obvious from my Instagram Reel! This Reel did well because not only did a lot of people agree with me, but it got a lot of Wix users thinking about their platform and reaching out to me for advice.

New leads, anyone?

Go and create your own using these Instagram Reels ideas!

There you have it! My favourite Instagram Reels ideas for business that are sure to increase your engagement and hopefully your leads!

I’ve noticed a huge increase in enquiries for my web design work since I’ve been posting Reels and I’m confident you’ll notice the same. Let me know in Instagram how you get on and what your results look like!

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