5 Different Ways To Get Your eBook Published

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When I was travelling in my early twenties I spent the majority of that time working to travel
and decided to publish an eBook called How To Quit Your Job and Travel The World. These are 5 different ways to get your eBook published that worked for me.

5 Different Ways To Get Your eBook Published

The process of writing the book took about 6 months and from the moment I finished writing my eBook, I began researching how to get it published.

I ended up self publishing (mentioned below) however I did try several other avenues first which is how I came about my publisher. So I thought I’d share these 5 different ways to get your ebook published in the hopes you may find some luck too.

1. Submit to an indie publisher

I ended up having my book picked up by the indie publisher, Thought Catalog who I had worked with previously on a travel related article on their site. At the time they were having a big push on supporting first time writers and they did a fantastic job of promoting my book when it was first released.

I recommend checking out this extensive list of indie publishers to submit your eBook.

2. Submit to the big time publishers

There are lots of lists online for big time publishers and the types of submissions they are currently interested in, however a lot of them are difficult to get a response from if you’re not ‘in’ and if you’re unsuccessful you won’t hear back.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try.

My advise is don’t go nuts and submit to companies like Penguin and hope for the best, but instead look into publishers specific to your city/country and aim to target those who specifically say they deal with your genre of book.

3. Self publish with Amazon

Kindle Direct Publishing offer authors the opportunity to self publish, something which really cool and if I were to do this all over again, this is how I would do it.

Many self published eBook authors have found themselves great exposure through publishing this way and have gone on to feature in the bestseller lists, which we all know are the only lists worth being on.

4. Self publish with an alternative platform

This was the first method that I used before going through an indie publisher and I used Payhip to do it.

You’ll make more money using a platform like this rather than Amazon because you receive a higher percentage of your sales. Payments were made instantly to my Paypal account, the book sent directly to the customer by e-mail and I had a nice little analytics dashboard to see how my book was doing.

5. Self publish on your blog

Although I used Payhip and an indie publisher, almost all of my book sales came from my (now defunct) travel blog. I think if I had more knowledge and confidence at the time, I’d have probably skipped out Payhip all together and just had my book advertised on my blog with a ‘buy it now’ button.

If you have a website of any size then you’ve got a fantastic marketing tool for your eBook, particularly if the subjects overlap as you’ll find your visitors are your target audience. Of course there’s a lot to be said for getting published, but there’s also a lot to be said for going it alone and receiving 100% of the profits.

The most important things to remember is not to give up and to make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you sign any kind of agreement. If you’re looking for help with your eBook, such as artwork, editing or promotion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear about it!

Written by Kate Smoothy

Kate Smoothy is an SEO specialist and web designer based in Essex, England. When she’s not working with SEO and website design clients, Kate shares SEO tips and guides on TikTok and LinkedIn.

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