7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

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If you aren’t already using Pinterest for your business then you are definitely missing out. Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms out there for many reasons but I am outlining seven of the most important ones below! If you are ready to unlock the power of Pinterest for your business to make sales and generate leads on autopilot then keep reading!

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

*This is a guest post from Hannah over at hannahljohnson.com*

1. There are 335 Million + Active Monthly Users on Pinterest

Yes, you did read that right. There are 335 Million Active Monthly Users on Pinterest which means that there is a LOT of potential people searching for your business or services right now. There are over 2 billion (yes billion with a b) searches PER MONTH on the platform too. I can’t promise all 2 billion are searching for your content but I can promise a good chunk of them are or will be once you get on there!

Get your account set up and get those pins out there so you can increase your blog traffic AND get some new clients/leads!

2. Pinterest is NOT a social media site

I am here to myth bust because Pinterest is NOT a social media site. It doesn’t act as one or perform as one so you can’t treat it the same way as you would Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform. Pinterest is a visual search engine. So think like Google but a little prettier (sorry Google)! The key here though is catching your audience eye with beautifully curated pin designs while also having BOMB SEO so the algorithm can serve your content to the Pinners that need it!

3. Pins Last WAY Longer on Pinterest

A Pinterest Pin lasts 1600 times LONGER than an Instagram or Facebook post. So by default, you are already reaching a larger audience for a longer period of time by using Pinterest. Meaning you can use only Pinterest and reach more people organically than what you could on Instagram or Facebook combined organically. If that isn’t a reason to get on Pinterest as a business then you may be a lost cause! (Just kidding! I haven’t even gotten to the good parts yet!)

4. People Trust Service Providers and Businesses on Pinterest

Yes, this is true! In fact, 64% of Pinterest users described the platform as a place to find ideas, products, or services they can trust. And that number is rising as well as more and more people use Pinterest and find service providers and businesses on the platform. You are going to want to be here as one of the trusted businesses so people can not only pay you and buy your products but also trust the platform more. Its basically a snowball effect but you want to be in the middle of the snowball! Collect all the leads, all the clients, and all the sales!

5. 84% of Pinners use the Platform decide what to Buy

In the last year, I have generated over $1700 from a SINGLE pin selling an Instagram ebook on Pinterest. (This pin is STILL going viral to this day actually! I woke up to 2 sales this morning from it!) Pinterest will sell for you as a business and this doesn’t just go for digital products. If you have a physical product, there are different strategies that you have to use but it’s so worth it because you have the ability to reach your audience when they need you.

I hear you thinking in your head though, “what about all the other people selling content on Pinterest?” Guess what? They don’t matter. The reason for that is because you have a SPECIFIC type of person and a specific type of audience that you reach. If you aren’t familiar with your audience yet you need to get there because that will help eliminate any sort of competition you think you have!

6. Pinterest Users Have More Money to Spend

Did you know that half of Pinterest users earn $50K or greater per year, with 10 percent of Pinteresting households making greater than $125K? Yeah that’s kinda crazy right?

Let me throw another super fun fact ay ya, 83% of WEEKLY Pinners have made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest. As a business, you are a brand! Meaning that when people see your content continuously, they will purchase from you! When you pick the right price point and the right messaging, Pinterest will sell for you! (With the right strategy of course) Just remember that people need to see something on average 7-8 times before purchasing. The best part about Pinterest is, if they find you once, they will see your content over and over and over because that is how the algorithm works!

7. Lead Generation on Autopilot

The last but certainly not least reason why you NEED to be using Pinterest as a business is because Pinterest allows you to generate leads into your business on autopilot. As a business owner I am sure you know why you would need leads into your business but in case you don’t know, let me explain. If you are taking on new clients or trying to sell a product, every single person that shows interest in your services or products and reaches out to you or signs up for your newsletter is considered a lead. Leads are how you make serious money! So the fact that Pinterest allows you to automate that is honestly the best thing ever.

So, did I convince you? I hope I did and if you have ANY questions at all you can find my social links below to connect with me and ask them! Pinterest is truly an amazing platform that seems almost too good to be true but I promise you it isn’t. Pinterest will not only help you grow your business but will also help you reach milestones you never thought you could!

Hey, I’m Hannah! I am a pizza obsessed Pinterest Strategist here to give you the most up-to-date and relevant Pinterest tips and tricks to help you grow your business and blog while making more money! If you have any questions, I would love to answer them or connect with you on social!

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Written by Kate Smoothy

Kate Smoothy is an SEO specialist and web designer based in Essex, England. When she’s not working with SEO and website design clients, Kate shares SEO tips and guides on TikTok and LinkedIn.

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