Hi! I’m Kate and I create pretty websites that convert for female entrepreneurs.

I started designing websites when I was 12 years old and used to spend hours at the computer teaching myself how to make things with code and Photoshop… yep, I was that kid that didn’t go out much!

At 21 I started a travel blog to share my adventures travelling around Europe as an Au Pair and started noticing traffic trickling in from Google so I started learning about SEO.

That was a real game changer.

Within 6 months of starting that blog I’d quit my job as an Au Pair and was making enough money through my blog and design business to make that my full time job. I also released an eBook and began working as a content writer for BuzzFeed and Metro UK.

I stopped travelling about 3 years later and returned to the UK to study User Experience and User Interface design at university. I funded my first year of uni off of my design business and content writing before I found a job as an in-house web developer at a marketing agency.

From there I continues to learn SEO and further developed my WordPress and web development skills.

At the beginning of lockdown in the UK (April 2020) I found myself in the very likely position of being made redundant and so I decided now was the time to start my own business again. Now I work with my dream clients, creating them beautiful, sales driven websites that convert and creating SEO strategies for success.

Here’s a few facts about me in a nice bullet point list for you to skim read:

  • I have a toddler who I often refer to as “my small person”.
  • I take my coffee blank but I’ll never say no to a hazelnut latte.
  • My two favourite songs of all time are Every You, Every Me by Placebo and Tribute by Tenacious D (especially if I’ve had a gin and fancy karaoke).

You can usually find me hanging out on Instagram. Drop me a DM and let’s chat!