Branding & Web Design for Creatives

Branding and Website Design for Creatives

First impressions count is why amazing branding and website design for creatives is ESSENTIAL for any creative business.

I’m Kate and I’m here to help your business thrive online. I specialise in branding and website design for creatives (like you!) and I do that by creating beautiful website designs aligned with your brand and topping them off with winning SEO strategies.

Tell Me If Any Of These Sound Familiar…

The SEO Hive, Webhive Digital, DIY SEO for Beginners

Before we dive in to what I offer, I’m going to assume one of these things might be true about where you’re at right now…

You’re spending hours each day trying to grow your social media following and finding you’re just not getting anywhere with it.

You feel like you’re lost in a sea of people offering the same thing as you and you want to stand out.

When people ask “what’s your website?” you’re directing them to your Facebook page. A Facebook page can achieve about 10% of what a website can for your business.

You want to take your creative business to the next level and you’re ready to take the next step in your journey.

If any of this sounds familiar then I am your girl!

As a creative myself, I know how it feels to hand over control to someone else and see what they come up with. But we all know we’re our own biggest critics and if you keep trying to DIY your site you’re never going to get it finished!

Now imagine your business thriving with modern branding and a beautiful website that converts and makes you money. That’s the reality of us working together, so let me take the pressure off and handle this for you!

WHD’S Got Range

Trusted by 50+ Businesses (and Counting!)

Wondering What High-Quality Design Is Worth To You?

2 in 3

customers want brands to understand their needs and exceed their expectations.


of users say the experience they have with a brand is just as important as the quality of what it sells.

3 in 4

consumers make judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design.


of a website user’s first impressions are dictated by the website design and design alone.

Access Branding & Web Design Pricing

Wondering how we can work together to set your brand up for scalable and sustainable success? Drop your details below to receive my branding and website design services deck and get the inside scoop on WHD pricing and packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will be provided with a walkthrough video or written how to guide for your new website so you can make changes to the website content moving forward.

Alternatively, I offer ongoing support packages if you’d prefer a more hands off approach.

Once you have received your proposal, you will have the opportunity to go though and select add-ons for your project, sign the contract and make your first payment. After that, you will be sent a link to your project Trello board which we’ll use to communicate and share files throughout the project. 

I build all of my client websites on WordPress because I truly believe it’s the best platform for your website goals. Whether you’re looking to start out small and scale in a year or two, or you want to go big or go home straight away, WordPress is the most flexible platform. It’s also the best platform for SEO which, as you probably already know, I’m pretty big on around here!

Branding only projects take 3-5 weeks. Web design only projects take 8-10 weeks. For branding and web design projects the timeline is 10-12 weeks.

This depends on my current availability however there’s plenty to work on for your project before your start date! This is the perfect time to work on your project Trello board to ensure we’ve got everything we need for when your project starts.

Typically, I am booked up 1-2 months ahead.

All branding and web design projects are automatically put on a 3 month payment plan. Branding only projects are on a 2 month payment plan.

Generally speaking, yes, however I have seen some things in my time which means I now do this on a per project basis. Sometimes it truly is just easier to start over. Please reach out to me at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements and we can chat about what’s best for your business.

Yes! All of my clients are offered ongoing support and maintenance plans to suit their website needs. I recommend all WordPress clients take out a small monthly maintenance package to keep their website up to date, secure and backed up, however all of my support plans are optional.

Yes! Provided you sign your contract and make your first project payment at the time you receive your proposal, we can lock in a start date for later in the year.