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Branding and Website Design for Ambitious Female Leaders

Building brands that get seen, and websites that get found – so you can scale what you’ve started organically and authentically.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your brand through bold, beautiful and strategy-backed design, or build a website that works overtime to generate leads (so you don’t have to!), you’re in the right place.

Get Ready For a Digital Glow Up

& Fall in Love With Your Business All Over Again

Let me guess… you’re ready to leave your DIY days behind, and step into a brand new season of business. 

What started off as a side hustle, humble hobby or passion project has snowballed into something far bigger – and if you’re being honest, that ‘small business owner’ label doesn’t quite align with the ambitious plans you’ve got in store.

You can feel it in your bones – you’ve got the potential (not to mention the drive and work ethic) to achieve extraordinary things. But something’s been holding you back from going all in and giving your goals your best shot.

Might as well get it out in the open: while you’ve been serving your clients and looking after your customers, your brand’s been lagging behind.

Now, you’re nothing if not resourceful – which is precisely why you’ve spent every spare moment trying to tweak your colour palette, find fonts you love and teach yourself code.

But no matter how many nights you spend burning the midnight oil and playing designer on Canva, you just can’t nail down the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of.

Can I be honest? There’s no point in trying to tweak something you’ve outgrown, and a quick-fix won’t get you to your next level. What you really need is a solution that’s tailor-made to suit your business – not just as it stands today, but as you see it evolving for years to come.

The good news: I’m here to help you build beautiful (and robust) digital platforms that grow along with you – no matter how quickly your business picks up speed.

It’s time to stop putting your goals on hold, and set your brand up for success.

Tell Me If Any Of These Sound Familiar…

→ It’s been a while since you first launched, and your branding’s feeling a bit stale. You’re ready to spice things up in the design department, stand out from the crowd, and generate buzz around your brand all over again.

→ You already have a strong social presence and a business built off the back of social and promotions. Now, you want to take things up a notch by building a brand that connects with your clients and customers, and a website that works (AKA makes you money, because you’re running a business, not a hobby!). 

→ You’re currently in a place of creative confusion when it comes to your brand. We’re not talking existential crisis levels of confusion here, but still, you’re sending mixed signals. You’d love to get clear on who you are and what you stand for, and have a set of brand guidelines to use as a single point of reference as you grow your business (and your team).

→ Your current website is lacking in vital features, but you don’t have the time (or coding ninja skills) to figure it out. Outsourcing your website to an expert would give you peace of mind now, and save you a tech headache (or ten) later down the line.


→ Admin and lead gen are currently consuming all your time and energy. You’re ready to turn the tables and let potential clients come your way by creating an all-in-one digital setup that takes the stress out of signing clients and launching digital products.

→ You’re well past the point of settling for whatever works. Your business isn’t your Plan B, meaning you’re as serious about achieving all the big goals you’ve set out for yourself as you are about the results you deliver to your clients. Forget about settling for small outcomes – you’re giving it all you’ve got..

→ Knowing you’re not putting your best foot forward online is making you feel a bit like a fraud. Every time you pitch yourself or share a link to your website, you start to question your own expertise. You’d like to feel proud of your online presence and share your site with confidence, knowing that it reflects all the hard work you put into your business.

→ Loyalty is your love language. You care about building a community of happy clients and customers who return to you time and time again, and refer friends your way. From making a slick first impression to gathering glowing reviews, you want every single touchpoint along your client journey to represent your brand at its best.

Branding Design

Let’s make your brand a magnet for your dream clients.

There’s so much more to this branding thing than just a logo. In fact, the most effective brands are the ones that make an emotional impact from the very first impression. And that starts with a deep understanding of your ideal client: their struggles, their desires, and what drives them to buy.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot more to successfully scaling a business than slick design. But there’s no denying that first impressions matter in today’s digital-first world. As attention spans get shorter and competition gets fiercer, your brand has to work twice as hard to get noticed – but that doesn’t mean you have to. 

Working with a specialist who knows the inside scoop on what’s relevant, expected and well-received by your consumers will clear away your creative worries, so that you can dedicate more time to doing what you do best.

Using a strategy-first approach (scroll on down for details), I’ll support you in designing scroll-stopping brand collateral that strikes a chord with your ideal clients and customers, takes them on a journey, and leaves them coming back for more. 

It’s your brand, but better – the way you’ve always envisioned it.

Website Design

Let’s build a website that puts in the work (just like you do).

There’s no doubt about it: your website is your number one digital asset. Why? Because when it’s done right, it will work harder than any team member you hire. 

From generating new leads to getting more eyes on your services, it’s an opportunity to shape your brand perception and show what it’s like to work with you. It’s 100% yours, meaning you get total creative control over all your content. And its success doesn’t come down to ever-changing algorithms, which is a big plus in my books.

As part of the website design and development process, I’ll support you in mapping out customer journeys that take even the most casual browsers into loyal brand fans. You’ll leave with a website that’s beautiful, functional, mobile-friendly, responsive, SEO-optimised, and filled with all the features you need to achieve your business goals. 

When it comes to web development, WordPress will always have my heart (and yours, after working with WHD on your web design): it’s hands-down the most flexible platform. Whether you’re looking to launch a membership, sell an online course, or try your hand at e-commerce, a custom WordPress site will check off all your requirements while holding space for everything you’ll build in the future. Not to mention, WordPress and SEO are a match made in heaven – meaning more traffic coming your way, free and clear.

Get ready for a website so good, you’re sold on yourself.

WHD’S Got Range

WHD Puts Strategy First

Rest assured that every element of your branding and each line of custom code will be carefully considered and chosen with your goals in mind, right down to the smallest details. Nothing happens by chance here!

Investing in design is a big deal. But here’s the hard truth: unless you’re crystal clear on who you are and what you stand for, a pretty logo or trendy website is never going to give you the results you’re hoping for. That’s why the Webhive Digital way is to start with strategy first. I want you to leave with an understanding of how each piece fits into the puzzle, so that you can confidently manage the creative side of your biz once we’ve gone our separate ways… which is why I bring you in at strategic points throughout the creative process.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves along with me and dive deep into your mission, your vision, and the values that drive each major business decision. This is the headspace where great design begins, but it’s also where you start moving the needle on your big-picture plans.

Wondering What High-Quality Design Is Worth To You?

2 in 3

customers want brands to understand their needs and exceed their expectations.


of users say the experience they have with a brand is just as important as the quality of what it sells.

3 in 4

consumers make judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design.


of a website user’s first impressions are dictated by the website design and design alone.

Trusted by 50+ Businesses (and Counting!)

Let’s build strong brand foundations, so there’s always room to grow.

Access Branding & Web Design Pricing

Wondering how we can work together to set your brand up for scalable and sustainable success? Drop your details below to see my branding and website design services deck and get the inside scoop on WHD pricing and packages.

Meet Your Designer

Hi, I’m Kate!


I’ve always believed that the best kinds of businesses are built from a place of purpose – a deep desire to be of service to others and to make a difference. For me, this means using design to show female entrepreneurs (just like you!) a glimpse of what’s possible when they believe in and back themselves fully. 

Since leaving my corporate web design job behind and starting Webhive Digital in 2020, I’ve joined forces with more than 50 small businesses going through a rapid growth spurt. It’s my pride and joy to partner with ambitious female founders just like you who know they’re on the cusp of something great, and want to skip past the awkward trial-and-error stage and get right to the glow up. 

Apply To Work With WHD

Got a branding or website project you’d like to work on together? The next steps are super simple. First, fill out the application form below to tell me more about your design goals. Next (provided we’re a good fit), you’ll receive a custom design proposal outlining all your options. We can get on a call if you’d like to chat through your project face to face. And once you’ve selected your package, you’ll be able to settle your first payment and secure your spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will be provided with a walkthrough video or written how to guide for your new website so you can make changes to the website content moving forward.

Alternatively, I offer ongoing support packages if you’d prefer a more hands off approach.

Once you have received your proposal, you will have the opportunity to go though and select add-ons for your project, sign the contract and make your first payment. After that, you will be sent a link to your project Trello board which we’ll use to communicate and share files throughout the project. 

I build all of my client websites on WordPress because I truly believe it’s the best platform for your website goals. Whether you’re looking to start out small and scale in a year or two, or you want to go big or go home straight away, WordPress is the most flexible platform. It’s also the best platform for SEO which, as you probably already know, I’m pretty big on around here!

Branding only projects take 3-5 weeks. Web design only projects take 8-10 weeks. For branding and web design projects the timeline is 10-12 weeks.

This depends on my current availability however there’s plenty to work on for your project before your start date! This is the perfect time to work on your project Trello board to ensure we’ve got everything we need for when your project starts.

Typically, I am booked up 1-2 months ahead.

All branding and web design projects are automatically put on a 3 month payment plan. Branding only projects are on a 2 month payment plan.

Generally speaking, yes, however I have seen some things in my time which means I now do this on a per project basis. Sometimes it truly is just easier to start over. Please reach out to me at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements and we can chat about what’s best for your business.

Yes! All of my clients are offered ongoing support and maintenance plans to suit their website needs. I recommend all WordPress clients take out a small monthly maintenance package to keep their website up to date, secure and backed up, however all of my support plans are optional.

Yes! Provided you sign your contract and make your first project payment at the time you receive your proposal, we can lock in a start date for later in the year.

Not In The Market For a Custom Design Package Yet? No Worries!

I know what it’s like to be new to the online business space and not have cash to splash on custom design. Lucky for you, I’ve got a whole library of brand-building resources up my sleeve to help you level up where you’re at. Best of all, you can access it for free! Drop your details down below to get in on the goodness.