Carlton Training

Case Study

The Background

Carlton Training is an online and in-house training provider based in the UK. They provide courses for workplaces and individuals in the education sector.

Prior to working with Webhive Digital, Carlton Training had a small presence on Google and had implemented some DIY SEO with mixed results.

The Solution

At the beginning of our SEO retainer, we focussed on ensuring technical SEO was up to scratch with some input from Carlton Training’s web development team. Once this was established, we made some minor design changes to course pages to ensure they were best set up for conversions and for additional content. We have since made design changes to the blog archive and post pages to improve user experience, navigation and interlinking different sections of the website.

After establishing key areas and courses, we created a content strategy plan to optimise existing pages and create new content to target search engine users. This included doubling down efforts on keywords Carlton Training already ranked well for to gain more 1-3 spots on page 1 of Google.

We also placed heavy emphasis on link building to improve Carlton Training’s website authority to boost the website’s presence in search engine results.

The Results

+ 168%

Increase in organic traffic from search engines


Relevant keywords showing their website on page 1 of Google


Increase in clicks from Google search results