Essex Aquatics

Case Study

The Background

Essex Aquatics are aquatics specialists covering Essex and London. They started their website using a DIY approach and before discovering SEO they were driving traffic to their website via Google Ads.

The director of Essex Aquatics took on some initial SEO work himself behind the scenes and found some small successes, however they still relied on Google Ads for the majority of their business.

The Solution

As Essex Aquatics was a DIY venture before working with Webhive Digital, they opted to go for a custom Wordpress website along and content optimisation for the “full one off package” experience.

After agreeing the design work, Webhive Digital got to work on creating website content optimised for search engines and ensuring the new website design had everything in place from a technical SEO point of view to ensure results. This meant ensuring load speeds were under 3 seconds, images well optimised and video used sparingly to provide engagement where needed.

Extensive keyword research was carried out to determine the best keywords to target related to the services Essex Aquatics provide and to ensure they appeared above competitors on search engine results.

The Results

↑ 90%

Increase in traffic from search engines

Page 1

Highest ranking on Google

↑ 20%​

Conversion rate from search engine traffic

Since their new website went live in February 2021, Essex Aquatics have seen a 90% increase in traffic from search engines, 20% increase in conversions from search engine traffic (i.e. people continuing to make an enquiry) and we have secured 3 high competition keywords where Essex Aquatics now shows up on page 1 of Google.