Essex Mums

Case Study

The Background

Essex Mums is a local website featuring news, businesses and events in Essex for parents and children. The website dates back to 2008, with a forum, event and business listings, blog, reviews and hosts the “Essex Mums Awards” yearly to celebrate local businesses. In 2023, Essex Mums acquired a new owner.

The Solution

Essex Mums came to Webhive Digital for some ad-hoc website support and a quote for a website re-structure and re-design.

Based on the website’s strong presence on Google and ad revenues, it was quickly identified that all high-performing areas of the website needed to be highlighted and audited to ensure any re-design or restructuring to the website would not impact SEO.

Webhive Digital carried out a detailed SEO audit for the Essex Mums website, including all keywords it ranked for on Google and which pages they related to. With this data, we created a database for Essex Mums to highlight the areas of topical authority on the website and indicate which sections of the website could potentially be removed to “clean up” old content and website sections.

We also identified other traffic sources for Essex Mums, highlighting which pages received the most traffic from Instagram, Facebook, etc. and attributed them to specific campaigns or time periods to highlight marketing potential for the future.