Giali Lashes

Case Study

The Background

Giáli Lashes is one of Australia’s premium eyelash extension suppliers, providing products to lash artists worldwide.

This is the second website Webhive Digital has created for Giáli Lashes, however since the first website we created in 2020, the business expanded to include an online education platform and in 2022 we decided the website needed a revamp in order to best serve the growing customer base.

The Solution

We began by migrating Giáli Lashes existing e-commerce website over to Shopify, leaving the education side of the business on the existing site. It was essential for us all that we ensure a smooth, on-brand customer experience with the new Shopify website before integrating the teaching platform.

Being an established business, Giáli Lashes had hundreds of customer reviews on their existing website so as part of this process we ensured all reviews were accurately migrated over to the products on Shopify. We also set up advanced applications such as product bundles, a brand ambassador programme and rewards programme.

Once the design work was finished on the new Shopify website, we set the e-commerce side of the business live and began working on the Teachable education platform to better deliver the online courses to students. This involved migrating existing students over to the new platform, as well as keeping all learning material intact.

Finally, we used Zapier to integrate Shopify and Teachable so new customers could purchase the courses from the Shopify website but use the Teachable platform for access. This now works on autopilot including auto generating user accounts, payment processing, etc.

The Results

Giali Lashes Shopify Website Design by Webhive Digital