Online Pharmacy

Case Study

The Background

An online pharmacy approached us in July 2023, seeking to improve its organic traffic, search engine rankings and conversions across their entire range of treatments.

Before working with us, their website heavily relied on a single best-selling product, which accounted for around 80% of their traffic and sales. However, this product was due to be discontinued, creating a risk to their online visibility and sales.

The Solution

We created a competitive SEO strategy to boost the rankings for other products available from the online pharmacy, improve the overall site performance and create a streamlined user experience. We began with a detailed competitor analysis to identify keywords where competitors of similar size ranked, particularly those with low-quality content, which enabled us to outrank them in search results quickly.

Our goal was to distribute traffic more evenly across various products to compensate for losing their best-seller product in the coming months. To do this, we prioritised on-page SEO for other products and category pages, making sure the content was relevant and targeting keywords with a transactional search intent.

We implemented a strong content strategy to build Google’s trust in the business and drive more organic traffic. We published weekly blog posts on popular topics that would attract backlinks, boost the site’s authority and help maintain a steady flow of new website users.

We used various link-building tactics to help increase the website’s site authority, including securing links from national newspapers such as The Independent, The Sun and the Daily Mail. We also obtained links to high-authority websites within their industry, such as Medical News Today, the NHS website and

The Results: 10 Months In


Increase in website users (to 337,490 by May 2024)


Relevant keywords on page 1 of Google search results


Increase in backlinks to build site authority