The Glitter Store

Case Study

The Background

The Glitter Store by Lillie Bernie is an online print store that has taken social media by storm! The incredibly talented artist, Lillie Bernie, has worked with various celebrities and influencers to add a special touch of sparkle to their homes with her unique and handmade glitter prints.

The Solution

Lillie got in touch with Webhive Digital when she decided to move on from her DIY Squarespace website to the e-commerce champions at Shopify.

We started out focussing heavily on the design elements of the website, particularly how to incorporate Lillie’s glitter prints in a way that would inject personality and movement to the overall design.

Once we nailed the design side of the website, we moved on to creating the new Shopify website.

This journey began with importing all of Lillie’s existing e-commerce data from Squarespace, such as customer details and orders, so she could keep up her shop records.

Lillie creates prints for customers in the USA as well as the UK (and elsewhere!) which meant we needed to incorporate different sizing options for USA and UK audiences. We accomplished this with detailed size charts and location specific product variants.

Due to the nature of Lillie’s custom print work, we also needed to include upload features on the website so customers could upload their print images at checkout, making it less admin for Lillie behind the scenes.

Lillie was keen to include a gift ideas section to the website which required a different page design so customers could filter by occasion when making their search, so we developed this with custom collection pages.


The Glitter Store by Lillie Bernie went live in July 2022 to fantastic feedback from new and existing customers.

The Glitter Store Website Design by Webhive Digital