Mango & Wild + Webhive Digital

How to Optimise Your Website Content for SEO Workshop

Friday 18th March @ 11.30AM (GMT)

What You’ll Learn

This workshop is best suited for service based businesses. Let’s break down what you’re going to learn…

1. The essential formula for on-page seo (from keywords to copy)

2. How to write and format content with search engines in mind

3. How to optimise your website images so search engines loves them

4. How to name your website pages for seo success


You'll receive access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions related to the workshops at a later date and receive further support!

Length: 40-60 minutes + 30 mins for q&a

And it’s a steal…

Join us on Friday 18th March at 11.30AM (GMT) for our live workshop for only…