Design Days

Level up your website in just one day!

Design Days are perfect for enabling you to fast track your website’s glow up on a budget.

Instead of waiting months for your project to get started, a 6+ week timeline for your website to be completed and big investments you might not be ready for yet, we can dedicate one day (or multiple days!) to your website. That means your website can have the digital glow up it deserves in a matter of days or weeks!

Design Days are the perfect accompaniment to a website review! If you are looking to have my recommendations actioned on your website, a Design Day could be a great option for you.

Is a Design Day Right For You?

Design Days are ideal for businesses who already have a website but need to make some changes, whether it’s adding some new functionality, a design refresh or moving to another website platform.

If you’re in your first couple of years of business and want a designer’s eye on your website (but don’t want to commit to a brand new website design), then this is for you.

Prior to your Design Day, we will have a call to discuss the project specifics, create a to-do list and cover off anything that will be required prior to your Design Day. This may include collecting content from you, which will need to be received before your Design Day starts.

On your Design Day, you will need to be available throughout the day for communication on your project.

Meet Your Website Wingwoman

Kate Smoothy

Bringing over a decade of experience, my job is to bottle up the secret sauce that makes your business one of a kind, and turn it into a purposeful website.

It’s my pride and joy to partner with business owners who know they’re on the cusp of something great, and want to skip past the awkward trial-and-error stage and get right to the glow up.

Whatever you choose to call yourself – a small business, entrepreneur or a startup – I’m here to help you build a brand that makes you feel as confident as you are capable.

What Can We Do On A Design Day?

The goal with a Design Day is to accomplish as much as we possibly can on your website in one day. So you and your business are the VIPs and have my undivided attention all day!

Here are some things we can achieve on your Design Day:

How Much Is a Design Day?

You can book up to 3 Design Days at any one time, however you do not have to take the days consecutively. Anything over 3 days would be better suited to a custom website design project. Please note these prices do not include VAT, which will be applied if you are based in the UK.

1 Day = £600

2 Days = £1,100

3 Days = £1,600

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re interested in booking a VIP Design Day, please fill in the form below and we can schedule in a call to discuss the specifics. 

Please note...

When booking a VIP Design Day you are booking for me to work on your website for an entire day, rather than a set of deliverables.

Before your VIP Design Day, we will discuss what tasks you need completed and I will tell you if I think these can be achieved within one day. 99% of the time that is the case.

If I experience any issues outside of my control such as a lack of quick response from you, server issues from your website host or other unforeseen issues, we may have to sacrifice specific tasks on your day to make up the time, or you’ll need to book in another half day to make up the time.