How to Set Up Domain & Hosting for WordPress

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If you’re looking to create a WordPress website then you’re going to need to set up a domain and hosting for WordPress and this post will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Before we go any further, this is for, not For more info on the difference between the two, click here.

How to Set Up Domain & Hosting for WordPress

How to Set Up Domain & Hosting for WordPress is a free, open source website platform which means you need a domain name and hosting for your WordPress website to live on.

Fortunately domain names and hosting are cheap (often still cheaper than paying for platforms like Squarespace and Wix!) meaning WordPress is still one of the cheapest platforms for your website.

Here’s a quick break down of what each of these things are and why you need them both.

What’s a Domain?

A domain name is and is unique, so if someone else is already using you’ll need to get a bit creative with what to use instead! You could try abbreviations, adding ‘agency’, ‘business’ or ‘co’ to the end, adding hyphens (i.e. or including your location (great for SEO!) .

What is Hosting?

Web hosting is the server space needed for your WordPress files. Without hosting your domain is just a name and won’t actually go anywhere, so both your domain name and hosting are essential for WordPress.

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If you’re looking to DIY your website then you can purchase your domain and hosting from the same company, which I recommend as it’s the simplest method to get things set up.

The below recommendations include affiliate links however I would have recommended these two regardless of if they had affiliate programmes or not!

If you’re UK based then I 100% recommend Brixly. I recently switched to them for my own website and all the client sites I host and it is by far the quickest site speeds I’ve experienced. I found their prices to be great value for what I needed and their customer service is next level good.

If you’re elsewhere in the world then I recommend BlueHost as they work in multiple currencies, offer super affordable options and have a good track record with customer support.

Your Domain Name

You shouldn’t pay more than $10 for your domain name and that usually covers you for 1 year. After that the company you’ve purchased your domain from will e-mail you to remind you to renew, or you can turn on auto renew (I recommend doing this for ease).

If you’re not based in the USA then I recommend purchasing yourwebsite.COM as well as yourwebsite.*insert your country here*, so for me I own and

If you’ve purchased more than one domain name for your website then you need to set up web forwarding so that all of your domains point to the same place.

This means someone can type in and be redirected to rather than going nowhere or someone else using my business name and potentially poaching clients!

Your Hosting

The reason why it’s easier to set up your domain and hosting with the same company is because you don’t need to perform any additional steps to connect the two.

If you decide to buy them from separate companies you will need to get the Nameservers from your hosting and apply them in your domain settings. This takes 24-48 hours to update.

When looking for the best hosting package for a WordPress website you should make sure it includes the following:

  • One-click install WordPress (for ease)
  • E-mail accounts (this is good to have later if you decide to set up a business e-mail)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • A nice extra but not essential – regular site back-ups

After you’re purchased a domain and hosting for WordPress you’re well on your way to creating your WordPress website! Simply log in to your hosting control panel, search for ‘WordPress’ and follow the steps to get started!

Looking for more tips to talk you through the next steps? My free resources library has got you covered, click here for instant access.

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