Overused ChatGPT Phrases Cheat Sheet

Overused ChatGPT Phrases List

Use our free overused ChatGPT phrases cheat sheet to level up your custom instructions and make ChatGPT content sound less like it’s straight out of AI.

Make Content sound less like it’s straight out of ChatGPT...

Whether you’re worried about Google detecting AI content, or you’re paranoid about actual people spotting these overused ChatGPT terms that are DEAD GIVEAWAYS you’ve had a little help with your content creation, you need this cheat sheet.

Once you’ve got access to our overused ChatGPT phrases cheat sheet, all you need to do is copy and paste the list into your custom instructions with a beginner prompt like:

  • “Do not use the following words and phrases: [list]”
  • “When writing captions for LinkedIn, do not use the following words and phrases:”

Now, ChatGPT will be forced to use different words or phrases to its usual go-tos like “delve” and “elevate”, which we all know are telltale signs someone has had a little helping hand from AI!

So, if you want to make your content sound less like it’s straight out of ChatGPT, and speed up your editing time, grab the list below.

The Ultimate Overused ChatGPT Terms Cheat Sheet

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