Pinterest Strategies

Let’s just get straight to it – Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform. And for success using Pinterest for your business, you’re going to need a Pinterest Strategy.

This is often why people “don’t get Pinterest” because it’s incorrectly labelled as a social media platform, like Instagram and Facebook, when it really isn’t the same at all. But the good news is that Pinterest is actually easier to master than platforms like TikTok and Instagram (aka it’s not a popularity content for followers), so let’s do a little dance about that and then get to the good stuff!

First things first, I’m Kate and I’m a web designer, SEO strategist and Pinterest fan girl.

I’ve been a lover of all things Pinterest FOR YEARS (interior and wedding inspo for days!) but it was only in the last 10 months that I realised how valuable Pinterest could be for my business.

You see, Google SEO is my jam, so when I stumbled upon the business side of Pinterest and realised that success on Pinterest worked in a similar way (but sooooooo much easier), I threw myself in wholeheartedly.

And my results were almost immediate. Within my first week using Pinterest for business it became my second biggest traffic driver.

My e-mail list started growing (which was literally crickets before then), I was selling my services to NEW leads and my blog traffic went nuts.

The best part? I spend the least amount of time on Pinterest out of all the platforms I use to promote my business, yet it’s my biggest traffic driver. Crazy, right?

Now I want to help you do the same for your business with a tailored Pinterest Strategy Plan for your business. Because my success on Pinterest has nothing to do with my business and everything to do with the strategy I use on the platform. Which means that you can see the same results for your business is you follow my lead.

The Results

Pinterest stats over 3 month period (peaks for viral pins):

Pinterest SEO Strategy Results

Viral pins using my pinterest seo strategy:

Pinterest SEO Strategy Results

6 days after receiving their pinterest seo strategy:

Pinterest SEO Strategy Results

So, what’s included in your Pinterest Strategy Plan?

Here’s what’s included in your tailored Pinterest Strategy Plan:
  • Full audit of your current Pinterest profile
  • OR full account set up guidelines if you don’t have an account already
  • Keyword research of 15 keywords to be used on your pins and profile
  • Recommendations for profile optimisation (bio, name and boards)
  • Pin design guidelines
  • Pin optimisation guidelines
  • Pinning schedule & guidelines
    (Psst! I recommend using Tailwind to automate your schedule for best results. Click here to redeem a free month. If you’d prefer to manually pin it will be more time consuming but free. I can tailor your strategy for either method.)

Investment: £125

(Approx $175 USD)
“Defo a fan of Pinterest more than Instagram now!”

Frequently Asked Questions

To implement your Pinterest Strategy you will need an account but if you don’t have one I can cover account set up within your strategy.

To automate your Pinterest schedule (which I highly recommend to save time and for best results) you will need a Tailwind subscription. 

Use this link to get $15 off which is the equivalent of a free month of Tailwind Plus.

Usually around 1 week after we book you in however this will be confirmed in writing.