Small Business SEO

You have a great website with all the right content to make sales but you’re struggling to actually get the website traffic to come your way. Let’s be honest, what’s a beautiful, sales driven website design if nobody is going to see it?

My small business SEO services are just the thing you need.

Imagine if search engines (read: Google. Because we all use Google.) were sending traffic to your website every month. And not just any old traffic, targeted traffic, meaning people who are searching for your products or services.


I’m going to jump straight in and give you a couple of real life examples of what small business SEO can achieve for your business.

Scenario 1

You’re a social media manager and getting a few bites on your social media promotions but you’d love to start working with bigger clients.

You want those high ticket monthly clients who appreciate your expertise and pay you to just crack on and get them results.

This is where small business SEO becomes your new best friend.

With a targeted SEO strategy for your local area you can show up on search engines for local businesses looking for social media managers to take the reigns of their social media platforms. Meaning you’ll expand your clients, portfolio and collect a tidy monthly income.

And the best part? Google did all the hard work for you by serving your website when your new client searched for our services.

Scenario 2

You’ve got an amazing selection of products on your ecommerce website but you’re just not getting enough customers to quit your 9-5 and go full time with it.

Or maybe you have quit and gone full time but income isn’t consistent which makes for a very stressed out life!

Enter SEO.

With a solid action plan and SEO strategy you can ensure targeted traffic to your website every month. That’s search engine driven traffic directly to your product pages – YES PLEASE!

And the best part? They’re all looking for your products before they even hit your website, which means they’re twice as likely to buy.

These are just two examples. In reality small business SEO works for every type business. Whether you’re looking to use small business SEO for local or international traffic, we can tailor the perfect strategy to your business goals.

I’m Kate and I’m an SEO strategist specialising in small business SEO.

I am a web designer who quite literally fell into SEO by accident back in 2013.

You see, before I had my own web design and SEO agency, I was a travel blogger. That might sound like a hobby but I actually turned travel blogging into my job.

Less than 1 year into my travel blog I was receiving 500+ website visitors per day and I realised that the majority of it was coming from search engines.

So I learned SEO, improved my website design, posts and everything I could to improve my rankings on search engines.

And then I hit 1000+ website visitors per day and I knew I was on to something.

Fast forward to the present day and I’ve worked as an in-house web designer for several companies, working in website development and SEO, to get our clients to page 1 on Google and keep up their strategies.

My Small Business SEO Services

Each of my small business SEO services are tailored to my client’s specific needs, however you can see some of my most popular options below, or jump straight to it and get in touch to chat about your business goals.

SEO Power Hour

A hyper focused 1:1 SEO consulting session. If you’re just thinking about dipping your toes in with SEO, or you’ve been working on it for a while, we’ll tailor the hour to suit your needs.

Here’s what we can cover…

  • How to make SEO work for your business
  • How to perform keyword research and on-page optimisation
  • A technical SEO review and guidelines for improvements
  • A full report of your website’s SEO health and analysis of results
  • On-going SEO training/consulting if required
Investment: £150
(Approx $197 USD)


If you want to receive warm leads from search engines (like Google and Pinterest) – then this is for you!

The SEO Hive is my easy to understand DIY SEO course for beginners that takes all of the confusion out of SEO and puts you on the path to success.

It’s perfect for you if…

  • You’re over having to be on every social media platform for hours daily to grow your business
  • You want to learn SEO for your own business website
  • You’re over having to promote on social media every day for all of your leads and customers
  • You want to learn SEO for your clients
  • You’re using a popular CMS platform for your website (like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix or Webflow)

Monthly SEO Retainers

This is perfect for you if you want ongoing SEO work carried out to your website to see your search engine traffic skyrocket in the coming months.

The following can be included in your monthly SEO retainer depending on the results of an initial SEO audit and your business goals.

  • Keyword research, analysis and implementation
  • Copy optimisation for new and existing content
  • Image optimisation
  • Blog posts / SEO landing pages
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Conversion rate optimisation
Investment: £500 +
(Approx $645 USD)
I advise a minimum of 6 month commitment for best results.
“Working with Kate was an absolute pleasure. I honestly felt like I was working with a best friend.”

Frequently Asked Questions

200000% YES. But you’ve got to put the work in and/or invest. So stop wasting time looking through these FAQs and let’s start making an action plan to get you to page 1 on Google!

Yes! The SEO Hive is perfect for anyone looking for DIY SEO. Join the waitlist here!

You will usually see results from SEO in months 3/4 of ongoing SEO work however you will really notice the benefit from 6 months onwards. I’m not lying when I say it’s a long game!

I usually offer SEO boost to new web design clients at a reduced rate however please ask me about it if you’re not sure! We can discuss full website optimisation if you would like to include that in your web design package.