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Your SEO Blueprint: Expanding your reach, leads and sales to increase your revenue without burning out on socials

What Students Are Saying

The SEO Hive Student Feedback
The SEO Hive Student Feedback
The SEO Hive Student Feedback
The SEO Hive Student Feedback

If there was a way to generate hundreds of warm leads every day without showing up on socials daily, would you finally feel confident to take a day off?

Imagine how it would feel to know you don’t have to post on Instagram today if you want any chance of making a sale.

Or that you can tackle that TikTok video next week, when you’ve got more time on your hands, without compromising on your business growth.

I know what you’re thinking right now.

Sounds dreamy, but how do you make sure your business is making money while you take a step back?

Unlike social platforms, Google NEEDS your website.

Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn all need your content to keep their platforms alive. This is why you may find your content performs quite well but you struggle to convert those views, likes and followers to actual money in your business.

This is because these platforms don’t want users to go to your website. They want to keep them on the platform, consuming content and upping their own revenue.

But search engines like Google and Bing NEED your website in order to survive.

Without websites to deliver in their search results… they have nothing. Nada.

But in order to show up on search engine results, you have to make sure your website is ticking all the boxes the search engine gods use to assess whether they should serve your website in their search results. 

Enter: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is a powerful sales method that involves a specific process you need to carry out on your website to ensure it’s effectively communicating your website content with search engines.

With search engines on your side, you can make sales while you sleep, generate warm leads on autopilot and supercharge your revenue… all without feeling a slave to the social media platforms 7 days per week. 

What Students Are Saying

The SEO Hive Student Feedback
The SEO Hive Student Feedback

Ready To Get Google On Your Side?

Let’s supercharge your digital presence. Are you ready to...

other seo courses: £900+
(approx $999 USD)
The SEO Hive: £397

The SEO Hive gives you everything you need to grow your organic reach - and nothing you don’t.

The SEO Hive Student Portal

↑ Peek inside!

← Peek inside!

From keyword research to technical optimisation tips, I’m spilling all of my SEO secrets, and teaching you the exact success tips and strategies that have helped me and my clients generate thousands of warm leads by leveraging the power of search. And all for a fraction of the price of outsourcing your SEO to an expert on a retainer basis.

I'm Kate, your website wingwoman...

I’ve been designing and building websites since I was 12 years old, but the SEO part was more “happy accident” than “deliberate career choice”. 

Back in 2013 I was a travel blogger, working as an au pair in Germany and trying to launch my first web design business.

One day, I checked my stats and saw that my websites were seeing a very small amount of traffic from Google.

I started digging deeper – inhaling every piece of content I could find about SEO, levelling up my website design, optimising my blog posts with keywords – you name it, I tried it.

Once I was hitting 1000+ visitors per day, I knew I was on to something. And before I knew it, I was designing and building websites full time to fund my travels.

Fast forward to today and I’ve developed SEO strategies for companies of all shapes and sizes – from small local businesses to international startups. 

It’s not a stretch to say SEO changed my life, and I know it can change the game for you, too. 

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What You'll Learn

Let's break it down, lesson by lesson...

Module 1: Keyword Research

Module 2: On-Page SEO

Module 3: Off-Page SEO

Module 4: Technical SEO

Is The SEO Hive Right For You?

The SEO Hive is a beginner to advanced SEO course so it’s designed to take you through each and every stage you need in your SEO journey.

So if you’re a…

… then The SEO Hive will provide you with everything you need to drive your website up the rankings and/or serve your clients with comprehensive SEO services.


The SEO Hive has been designed to use with any website platform. Within the course, we have two platform based lessons for Shopify and Wordpress (as they offer more advanced SEO features than other platforms), however I provide examples and tips for all platforms where appropriate to do so.

If you’re 100% confident with your SEO, keyword research, further optimisation and you’re already ranking on Google then no, you don’t need this course.

If you know a little about SEO but you aren’t ranking, or you can’t get your website up to page 1, The SEO Hive teaches many methods that you can try to move the needle.

Yes! The SEO Hive is my DIY option for those who don’t yet the budget to work with me on Done For You Seo. If you have a higher budget (i.e. £500+) then you may find my SEO Audit Services or Done For You SEO Retainers more appropriate for your needs.

This version of The SEO Hive is unofficially known as The SEO Hive 2.0. because this is an updated version of my original course, The SEO Hive, launched in 2020. All of the original, relevant material can still be found in this latest version of The SEO Hive however it needed to be updated for current best practices.

All original students from The SEO Hive (1.0.) were given instant access to this new version of The SEO Hive before it was launched.


When The SEO Hive was updated in 2022, all original students from 2020 and 2021 were carried over to the new, updated version free of charge.

I will continue to do this with any future versions of the course.

In The Wordpress Hive, you will learn how to design your own Wordpress website. We touch on a couple of SEO plugins but due to the goal of the course being around website creation, we do not cover SEO.

If you buy The SEO Hive or The Wordpress Hive you will receive a 20% off discount for the other course, so if you need support with creating your website and then doing SEO, I recommend buying one and getting the 20% off discount for the other one.

The SEO Hive is designed to start from a beginner level so you’ll learn all the basic SEO techniques you need along with more advanced techniques should you want to kick things up a notch. If you’re looking for somewhere to get started, this is it!

What Students Are Saying