The WordPress Hive

Your step-by-step framework for building a WordPress website like a pro

If you’ve created your business from the ground up then you’re wrong if you think creating your own website is out of your reach.

In the same way that you’ve learned everything necessary to start and grow your business to where you are today, you can learn to build your own website.

And I’m going to teach you how.

Imagine having full control (and loving it)

No more crappy website platforms limiting what you can do.

No more unskilled Fiverr “experts” creating, let’s be honest, god-awful page designs.

No more taking sales and bookings through DMs because you’re embarrassed by your website.

No more saying “I really need to get my website launched”.

We’re saying goodbye to all of that nonsense and putting you in the driver’s seat so that you can create a beautiful, future-proof website that puts in the work for your business.

This Is What I Do For My Clients...

If you have ever checked out my Website Design services then you already know I specialise in high-converting and unique website design.

And I build 95% of those websites on WordPress.

I do this because…

This is why whenever anyone asks me “what’s the best website platform?”, I will always say WordPress.

And that’s why I’m going to teach you everything I know so you can use WordPress to build your own shit hot website.

You're amazing at what you do but...

… your lack of website (or worse, you’ve got a basic bitch website that you hate) is keeping you from converting sales, building trust with your audience and expanding your online presence.

Showing up consistently on social media, building your e-mail list and expanding your network are all a waste of time without a website to send them to.

Because your website should be your powerhouse. It’s the place where leads become customers and clients.

And when you’ve got a shit hot website you’re proud to link to, that you know is going to continue the customer journey for you, well, sales gets a whole lot easier.

Sound good?

Now let’s get you the skills so you can put this into practice!

But First Let Me Ask You…

… as a business owner who has been putting in the work, showing up online and doing everything you’re told by marketing gurus, do you really need a website?

Let’s be real: When was the last time you bought from a business without a website? 

And if you have, did you feel wary that your products may not turn up or unsure on what service you were booking? 

We all want to ensure we’re investing our time and money with businesses who are going to deliver what they promise. 

And whether you’re an e-commerce business wanting to sell your products online, or a service provider wanting to generate leads, your website will enable you to put in less work to make sales and build trust with new and existing customers.

Here are 3 absolute LIES you MUST let go of right now if you want to create an on-brand AF website for your business...

“I need to hire a web designer to do this for me”


You’re going to work with this web designer (ME!) and do it yourself.

“I can’t create my own website”


You can and I’m going to show you exactly how.

“I’m not skilled enough to do this.”

You guessed it… WRONG.

I’m going to give you the skills you need to do this.

But how is this possible?

The Easiest & Most Robust Way to Build Your Own Website is With This Powerful Duo...

Enter: Wordpress & Elementor

The Wordpress Hive is a complete step-by-step framework that will teach you how to build your Wordpress website from the bottom up. And we’ll be using the mega powerful and intuitive page builder, Elementor, as our sidekick.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Laying The Foundations

We start off at the very beginning, from securing the right domain name ( for your business to making sure you’ve got all the necessary tools to go with it, including your new BFFs. 

Step 2: Your Essential Wordpress Setup

We’re doing things right here. You’re going to have a website so slick, so fast and so future-proof that all of the pesky little issues you hear website owners complain about won’t be an issue for you. We’re doing this right from the get go.

Bonus: Wondering where your e-commerce business fits into all of this?

There’s a whole e-commerce extension to The Wordpress Hive to teach you how to create every page you need for a thriving e-commerce business using Woocommerce AND my favourite plugins to expand your online store’s capabilities.

Step 3: Let’s Do This Thing

It’s time to design your website and you’re not going to be doing this alone. From total page design examples to sneaky little hacks to make your life easier, we’re covering everything you need to know so you can use Wordpress & Elementor with confidence across every page of your website.

Step 4: It’s Launch Time!

You’re ready to launch and it FEELS. SO. GOOD.

But before you launch, there’s some important final steps that we’ll need to cover off. Don’t worry, they’re quick, painless and I’ll be on the other side of the screen showing you how the whole time.

I'm Kate, your website wingwoman...

I’ve been building websites since I was 12 years old, so I’ve seen some shit. From custom code to long forgotten website builders… I’ve done it all.

Fast forward a few years and I discovered Wordpress. Suddenly I was able to update pages easier and utilise SEO on the websites I built. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I started Webhive Digital two years ago and I found that projects were slow due to the length of time it takes to custom code a website so I decided to give page builders a try.

And that’s how I found Elementor. The user experience, ease of use and flexibility is unmatched.

And now I want to teach you how to use these tools to build your own website.


The Wordpress Hive

The only course you need to give you the confidence and skills to increase sales and brand awareness with a custom website for your business goals.

It’s been designed to not only teach you the basics…

…but to advanced levels (if you’re comfortable!) so nothing will stop you from creating your dream website.

Through structured walkthroughs to “design-with-me” style lessons, you’ll use The Wordpress Hive to be able to open the floodgates to more sales, clients and bookings in your business.

What's Included?

Here's everything we cover in the wordpress hive...
The WordPress Hive Student Portal


With the optional e-commerce extension you’ll receive an extra bank of lessons to teach you how to install Woocommerce, design every page your e-commerce website needs, the best plugins to expand your store and web design tips exclusively for e-commerce.

Let's Do This!

Learn everything you need to create a shit hot website for your business for a fraction of the cost you’d pay a web designer…

Seriously, my prices start at £5k 😉

The Wordpress Hive


The Wordpress Hive

+ E-Commerce extension



You’re preaching to the converted here.

But here’s the thing. Having a custom website that you have built exactly for your business needs is going to save you SO. MUCH. TIME.

On my end, I PROMISE to spare you from any impractical fluff and teach you everything you need to know in the easiest, quickest way I can.

We’re here to work on your business goals, not against them.

The Wordpress Hive is a guided process. This isn’t me dropping a 5 minute video on Youtube showing you how to style a widget. 

This is a step-by-step framework to building your entire website. We’re leaving no stone unturned!

No. I do strongly recommend Elementor Pro, however within The Wordpress Hive I offer solutions for free and pro users at all necessary steps… including some sneaky hacks for free users!

You will need to buy your own domain and hosting, however the service providers I use for this are incredibly cheap. We’re talking less than £10 per month for your hosting, less than £10 per year for your domain.

You can choose to purchase Elementor Pro if you like the look of the features, but it’s only essential for the e-commerce extension (also noted at checkout). 

You can purchase The Wordpress Hive as a stand alone course to work through at your own pace, or you can choose to add on a 1:1 Material Review at the checkout. Should you do this, you’ll be able to book in a call with me when you’re ready for us to go over your website and I’ll make suggestions on areas of improvement.

Nobody knows your business better than you. And if you’re creating social media content for your business then you 100% DO have the creative skills needed to create your own website.

Whilst I can’t teach you how to be creative, I can show you the tools you need to turn your ideas into a customer facing website for your business. So if you’ve got the ideas, I’ve got the toolkit and knowledge for you!

This is a Wordpress only course. It’s heavy on the behind the scenes of Wordpress and features you’ll only find on a Wordpress website, so I don’t recommend purchasing this course if you want to work with another platform.