Your VIP Day

Maybe you’ve got a pressing timeline for your website to be finished, or you’re desperate to level up your website, but waiting a couple of months to start a long project doesn’t fit with your schedule. This sounds like a Very Important Project and there’s no way I can leave you hanging!

Enter: VIP Days – where you can have my undivided attention on your project for a full day (7 hours), to ensure we’re getting as much done as we can in the shortest amount of time – that’s fast and effective!

VIP Days work differently to my usual web design projects in that we are not working towards a set of deliverables, but instead we are doing as much as we can in one day. And why does this work so well? Because I’ve been designing and building websites for over 10 years so I know exactly what we can achieve if we put our minds to it!


Is a VIP Day right for your project?

The best way to figure out if a VIP Day is right for your project is to get in touch with me and we can discuss what you need and the best option for you. I can advise on if your project will fit into one day or if something else would better suit your requirements.

Here’s an example of projects I can typically get done in a day:

  • Ecommerce/Course/Membership Setup – Design for all relevant pages and full tech setup. Ecommerce – up to 5 products uploaded. Courses – your full course uploaded. Memberships – all initial membership resources uploaded.
  • One Page Website – Design to match your branding, built on WordPress, additional landing page design for Instagram and handover so you can manage your one-page website moving forward.
  • WordPress Migration – Migration of all design and content from your current platform to the WordPress platform (e-commerce – up to 5 products, services – up to 5 service pages).

Please note all VIP Days are for the WordPress platform only.

The Process

Before Your VIP Day

We’ll work through everything to ensure I’ve got all the information and resources I need from you before your VIP day.

On Your VIP Day

I’ll work through our agreed list of tasks for your VIP Day. We will be in regular contact via Messenger or Voxer throughout the day.

After Your VIP Day

You’ll receive e-mail support for 14 days after your VIP Day to ask any questions related to the work carried out. 

Your VIP Day = £750

(Approx $1025 USD)
“Working with Kate was an absolute pleasure. I honestly felt like I was working with a best friend.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I will begin working at 9am (GMT+1) and send you a message to let you know when I begin to check you’re online and available for when we need to discuss your project.

Throughout the day I will be in regular contact with you for feedback so it’s important to keep an eye on your phone and keep your schedule free.

At the end of the day I will provide you with a list of everything completed and all handover information you need.

The purpose of a VIP day is to have my undivided attention on your project for a full day (7 hours), rather than to meet a set of deliverables. That means I will complete as much as I can within that time. Any work not completed on your VIP day will not be carried over to another day unless you book another VIP day or smaller additional project (i.e. book an additional 2 hours the following day).

We will discuss everything required for your VIP day at booking and if I don’t think we can fit all the tasks in I will advise you to book a second day. 

If you are unavailable to provide quick feedback on your VIP day, or you don’t provide everything I need, this will impact how much I can complete on the day.

Unfortunately, unless I host your website, I’m not responsible for any server issues that may hold up your VIP day. So it’s best to ensure you have a reliable web host before we begin our work.

If your project will take longer than one VIP day then yes, absolutely, we can book multiple days back to back. I’ll advise you on this at booking.

The best way to assess this is to get in touch with me and discuss exactly what you need.

As you can see from the examples above, I can accomplish a lot in one VIP day but each project is unique.