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If you’re looking for strategic, professional and game-changing SEO in Essex, you’re in the right place.

Webhive Digital is a local SEO agency in Essex, specialising in next level websites that rank on Google.

 Here’s what that looks like for our SEO clients:

If that sounds like what you need for your business in Essex, let’s get to work!

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Your SEO Specialist in Essex

SEO in Essex, Kate Smoothy, Search Engine Optimisation in Essex

I’m Kate, a web designer and SEO specialist in Essex.

In my early twenties, I started a travel blog that grew to over 1000 website visitors per day, all with the power of SEO.

When I stopped travelling, I started working at a marketing agency where I honed my SEO skills, including local SEO in Essex, and learned how to apply them to business websites.

Fast forward to today and I’ve developed SEO strategies for companies of all shapes and sizes – from local businesses to international startups.

It’s not a stretch to say SEO changed my life… and my business! 

I know it can change the game for yours too and I’ve got the expertise to make that happen.

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Search Engine Optimisation in Essex

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website so it attracts clicks from search engines, like Google. You can do this with paid ads (PPC), however a lot of search engine users are mistrustful of paid ads because they can see they are sponsored content.

With SEO, the aim is to target the organic search listings that show below paid ads, which is where a lot of users will naturally gravitate to when looking for reliable and longstanding businesses to work with.

This is even more so when working with local SEO in Essex, where you will likely be targeting other locals looking for your products or services.

And the best part is, your SEO improves as time goes on.

It’s not like a social media post where you are only as good as your last photo, or where you are penalised for not showing up every day.

Google actually favours websites the older they become and the more content they put out.

So, by investing time or money in your website’s search engine optimisation NOW, you will see the benefits for months and even years to come.

Now that you’re ready to go all-in on your SEO, here’s what to expect when you start working with me on your SEO in Essex.

You Will Rank Higher on Google

Search Engine Optimisation helps your website pages to show up higher on Google when people are searching for your products or services. 

When it comes to SEO in Essex, that means your local business will rank higher for “your services in Essex”, the most commonly searched local SEO phrase.

Your Results Will Continue To Grow

As you continue to invest in SEO services, your website’s ranking on search engines will only get better. 

With my SEO in Essex services, we continue to optimise your pages as we analyse results to ensure we stay above competitors. We also publish new content to keep things fresh.

Your Traffic Will Be Targeted

Whether you’re looking to target local or international traffic, we’ll apply the best SEO tactics for success. 

Whether you’re looking to target customers exclusively in Essex, or have the option to expand your reach now or in the future, my SEO in Essex services can help you accomplish both.

You Will See A Boost in Leads

With the right SEO strategy in place, warm leads will be directed to the right pages on your website to convert.

That means your website will be found by people actively looking for your product or services, making them much more likely to buy.


Philip McIntyre
Carlton Training
Read More
We're very pleased with how Webhive Digital have improved our whole SEO approach - instigating proper keyword research, a monthly content creation process and improving all those behind-the-scenes technical things which boost our site's reach. Their very professional attitude, as well as all their tech skills needed are what makes us confident to continue with Webhive. Would highly recommend.
Kamran Zaman
Zaman Recovery & Mobile Tyre Buddy
Read More
The best in the business! Honestly guys Kate is the best at what she does. I have tried other companies in the past but no one comes close to Kate!
Laura Waters
UK Pet Food
Read More
We have been working with Kate on our SEO for our new website and complete rebrand, including new name UK Pet Food. It has been a concern for us to get our SEO back to previous high levels of our old website, with a more competitive name, but so far in 3 months it is definitely going in the right direction and Kate has this all in-hand with regular useful updates, which is really reassuring! Being able to work on a monthly SEO package basis is great for us as a small organisation, enabling us to analyse whether additional consultancy is required as we go along.
Lash Famous
Gemma Edmondson
Read More
I have been working together with Kate now for over a year and couldn’t recommend her enough. Our website traffic and orders have reached new milestones with the help of Kate and her amazing work.

Thank you for believing in Lash Famous as much as I do and always offering your advise!
Kayla Schilthuis-Ihrig
Writing From Nowhere
Read More
I hired Kate to do an SEO audit and her advice was so actionable!

I received the audit quickly and started implementing right away.

Kate was also great in answering follow-up questions.
Faye Waters
Read More
Kate’s depth of knowledge and ability to explain concepts and advise in an understandable way is second to none.

I came away from out 1:1 confident and excited to implement the knowledge I gained.

I would highly recommend Kate for SEO services.

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